Comprehensive Energy Solutions

As a full-service energy company, Wazobia Kazakhstan Services offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the world’s energy demands. We specialize in trading and distributing a diverse portfolio of energy commodities, including;

Oil and Petroleum Products.

We engage in the purchase and sale of barrels, executing seamless transportation processes with utmost efficiency. Our unwavering dedication lies in enhancing logistics, service quality, and overall performance. Our esteemed partners comprise utilities, refiners, major oil companies, and National Oil Companies, fostering valuable collaborations.

Metals and Minerals

We are a top-tier metals and minerals trading company, partnering with mining firms, smelters, refined metals retailers, utilities, and manufacturers. Our investments in multimodal terminals and logistics enable efficient operations. By forging strategic alliances, negotiating offtake agreements, and establishing downstream outlets, we continually expand our market presence

Shipping and Chartering

we charter modern, double-hulled vessels for both wet and dry freight at competitive rates. Additionally, we engage in external freight trading with third parties. To effectively manage risk, we employ freight derivatives as part of our risk management strategy.

Power and Renewables

This expertise holds immense significance in the current dynamic energy landscape. We are actively expanding our footprint and influence within the rapidly evolving power and renewables sector by strategically engaging in a series of targeted initiatives.